How to Set Cron job using Putty for any Linux Based OS


Cron job using Putty

What is Corn Job : Corn Job is a Server Root Program by which we can set any script to run on each and every interval of time without accessing any page through browser.

Use of Curl Job : Curl Job / Curl Script is basically used to run any php script on a definite interval of time automatically. Like if you want to send SMS to a particular customer on everday with time 10:00 o’clock in morning, then we set this with the help of Curl Job in Linux Based operating system or mainly used for PHP scripting language.

What is Putty : Putty is a SSH Client software that works on command based on Linux Operating Server. If you have root access of Linux Based Server like CentOS then you can login to Server with Putty and perform any task using Commands.

If you don’t know how to login with Putty onto your Server then Follow this link :