Xiaomi Opens Its 2000th Service Center In Delhi


Xiaomi Opens Its 2000th Service Center In Delhi

Xiaomi has launched its 2000th authorized sustain center in New Delhi. With help centers evolve across 680 cities, the company says that it has emerged as the first industry brand to be credited sedated ISO 9001 and 14001 for the after-sales vibes dispensation systems.


In fact, at the commencement of the Redmi K20 and the Redmi K20 Pro, Xiaomi cited the recent Red Quanta research on the order of its after-sales facilitate an environment for Q1 2019. Xiaomi led between peak smartphone players in the nation for its after-sales support for three residences in a dispute. Besides, the brand claims to have to press to the lead Field Failure rate (FFR) at less than half of the industry average.


Xiaomi’s after-sales team recorded a supreme Turn Around Time (TAT) in addition to 96 percent of the cases unlimited within four hours and an average of 93 percent of the cases witnessed their issues unbending in two hours, the company claimed. Furthermore, after arrival in the 2000th facilitate center in New Delhi, Xiaomi claims to have a foster network covering anew 90 percent of the districts in the country. These moreover cumulative cold corners such as far away afield away north town of Leh, and southernmost region such as Kanyakumari, as dexterously as the far eastern town of Ziro, and Dwarka in the northwest tip.

Xiaomi Remains Number One Smartphone

Meanwhile, ventilate research obdurate Strategy Analytics said Xiaomi shipped 10.2 million smartphones accounting for a 29 percent puff portion in India during Q2 2019. ” Xiaomi remains the number one smartphone vendor in India, due to an extensive retail presence, but its lead on the summit of Samsung is starting to shrink,” said Woody Oh, Director at Strategy Analytics. Samsung is on the subject of speaking the order of a recovery alley and its smartphone expose share has risen suddenly from 23 percent in Q2 2018 to 26 percent in Q2 2019. A portfolio refresh undertaken by Samsung last year, and its ‘India-first’ strategy, has been central to the unqualified’s resurgence in the second quarter